a multi-week fitness challenge designed to help groups of all varieties—co-workers, friends, book groups, cycling clubs—get fitness into their lives or liven up their current exercise programs.

Play2BFit Preview

Program Highlights

  • Pick teams.
    • Invite teammates: friends/co-workers/family OR
    • Sign up and join a team of other individual players OR
    • Create your own GAME by inviting at least 14 other players to play with you.
  • Earn points for all your exercise.
    • Class and gym exercise, training, pedometer steps, and even gardening!
    • Bonus points for special activities like keeping a food diary, commuting by legs, eating your fruits and veggies, and many more options!
  • Challenge your body with new activities.
    • The point system encourages the variety your body needs.
    • Not stretching? Earn points and begin stretching consistently—watch your body change!
  • Track your workouts.
    • Recording is the best way to stay consistent and challenged!
    • Know that an ACE Certified Personal Trainer, Britt Schanel, is keeping track of you, too.
    • Contact Britt with questions anytime!
  • Win prizes.
    • Prizes awarded throughout the game.
      • Cash for the Individual Winner!
      • Amazon.com gift certificates for individual and team winners!
      • Extra points for those extra competitive players!
    • Rewards are not only for high points, but also for variety and improvement.
  • Finish the game in better shape than ever!
How Do I Play?
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Program Details

Besides just feeling better, my doctor was glad to see I lost some weight and got my cholesterol and triglycerides back in line. I’m now going to the gym and playing racquet ball regularly.  What a great game to get me off my butt!

I liked the connection. I liked the teams. I liked the fitness tips. I liked the access to a trainer when I needed it. I loved to tally my points as tangible evidence of my hard work, because I didn't really notice that I had lost one half pound per week—bonus! I WANT TO PLAY AGAIN!

Play2BFit has been a fantastic way for me to get back into an exercise routine and increase my overall fitness!  The team component has been an incredible motivator and it is a breeze to keep track of activity.

As a rule, I don't stretch much. I did a lot of stretching for my back to get the points, and it turns out it relieved this nagging and oftentimes excruciating pain. So, being pain free is very cool. Equally important, I am also slimming down!

I've been playing Play2BFit since 2004. It keeps me in shape for running the Race for the Cure with my daughter every year! Without the game for motivation, I would not be doing one quarter as much exercise. I'll never stop Playing 2 B Fit!

Play2BFit has challenged me to put all the 'fitness pieces' together. For the last few months, I have exceeded my workout goals and have made significant changes in my diet. I feel stronger than ever and as an extra bonus, I've lost 13 lbs!

Play2Bfit not only helped to motivate me to work harder, live healthier, and focus consistently, it made me feel better! The competition kept me moving and inspired, there is no other program out there that is less stress and by your own schedule than this.

I was able to increase the number [of pull-ups] by 400% from when I started at the beginning of the eight weeks. I know I will accomplish ten as I have no doubt I will continue to actively pursue the goal. This game is a great motivator. I love it.

Play2BFit really took our workouts and fitness to the next level as we pushed ourselves to a far greater degree than we would have on our own.  It is a fun and motivating way to get in better shape, and we've each played the game several more times to stay motivated and feel great!

Being accountable to a team really keeps me motivated to meet my workout goals! When I am only accountable to myself, it's much more likely I will skip workouts—or not push myself to go the extra 10 minutes!

I have lost 8lbs and 1 pant size during the holidays!! I am much stronger and was recently complimented on my legs (its been a long long time). I am also eating healthier―yeah fruits and veggies! I think my heart is stronger due to watching my heart rate during cardio―I can do more time, more resistance and my heart rate doesn't get into the 145-150's anymore.