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Registration Instructions 

Step 1: New to the site? To register to Play2BFit: Holiday Streaking! click the Sign Up button (above) and agree to the End User License Agreement.  Next, complete your Profile information. (You will need your Registration Code.  It's #4 in your Kickoff Memo. If you do not have a registration code, click Contact Us.) Click Save. When you have a Username and Password, you can Log In. Note: Do not use spaces in username or registration code.

We recommend creating your account on your computer or tablet, as smaller screen sizes can make it hard to complete the required fields.  Once you Sign Up, you can log in from any mobile device and enjoy your Play2BFit account!

Step 2: Participate :

You can use any or all of the following to track your streak(s):

  • Log your activity using step counter and trackers on the Log page to track your activity and/or earn points.
  • Set up measurable goals with the Play2BFit Goals widget so you can track your success.
  • Connect your Fitbit to have your daily steps automatically updated!  

    Step 3: Support & Communication:

  • Communicate with Britt with any questions or concerns, while she keeps you accountable.

  • Step 4: Have fun and make some changes so you can do anything you want to do!

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    Questions?  E-mail Britt here.